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Edward Meehan, MSW, LGSW

One of Edward’s core beliefs about therapy is that people are separate from their problems. Edward also believes the therapeutic relationship should be collaborative, and characterized by hope, optimism, possibility, and a spirit of adventure; a therapist should also help someone identify what is truly meaningful to them. He operates from a trauma-informed and harm reduction lens. Edward has a Master of Social Work degree and is licensed at the graduate level (LGSW). As a licensed social worker, Edward understands that its essential to view an individual’s circumstances in the context of their family, community, and environment. Edward has worked in a variety of mental and chemical health settings over the last seven years, most recently as an intensive case manager in a community mental health setting.

Edward works with adolescents +15, adults +18, and adult couples and is interested in assisting his clients with matters including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, PTSD, complex trauma, grief, and loss. Edward is professionally interested in postmodern therapies (such as narrative therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), as well as “parts” therapies like Internal Family Systems (IFS). Edward will complete an advanced practice training program in narrative therapy in April 2021 (through Caspersen Institute)and intends to pursue additional advanced trainings during his postgraduate licensing period.

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